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Franchise Version


SamPOSNR for Sam4S NR-500 Series Registers

SamPOS Express for Sam4S 380, 380M, 390, 390M, 420, 420M, 430, 430M, 5200, 600, 650


Professional Features at entry level pricing. . .    


*     Recipe and Unit/Pkg Inventory Control
*     Graphical reporting targeted at REAL business management
*     Full PLU management
*     PDE support
*     Communicate to ECR's via direct serial or modem
*     Automatic or manual sales polling
*     Automatic reorder reports on items becoming low on stock.
*     Fully customizable reports, charts and
             for Daily, Hourly, Banking, PLU, Clerk and much more.
*     Clerk time report
*     GP%, slow items, Tune par levels.
*     Notes screen.
*     Raw Till Reports.
*     Software updating built in. (we're always making it better)



Download SamPOSNR

Download SamPOS Express

Illustrated Day to Day Basics
Highly recommended, very quick and pleasant read.
Day to Day basics for first time Installer =>

List of available reports and formats

View Stock Control Basics

View Quick Start Installation Guide

Download PowerPoint Presentation
Requires MS-powerPoint Viewer (1.9Mb) => HERE




EXPRESS: MULTI SITE with INVENTORY Inventory Management.  Inventory Reports.  Re-ordering Assistant.  Manage Multiple Stores.  Automated Specials for Sales.  Graph/Chart Reports.  Inventory is decremented automatically giving you an exact picture of Inventory levels and costs. Store comparison Reports.  EXPANDED REPORTS and up to 99 tills



A sample of one of the many available data charts to work with.

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